My Tummy Diary - Gut Health Diary

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The wellness diary designed to help you take a 360 degree approach to your lifestyle and gain a better understanding of your body and mind.



‘My Tummy Diary’ is for those looking to better understand their body and mind, and what makes them happy. Whether you have IBS, a gut health condition or simply wanting to feel more in-tune with your body and mind, this diary is for you. This resource packed un-dated diary takes 360 degree approach to your lifestyle and will help you become mindful of elements that could be impacting your wellbeing. The journal pages and activities in the resource section revolve around the four key areas to gut health; diet, stress, movement and sleep. It also has the ability to log your menstrual cycle, how you're feeling physically and emotionally and more, and will help you track your symptoms and pinpoint any potential triggers. Approved by top dietitians and mental health professionals, this wellness journal can be used alongside your work with registered clinicians or alone.


'My Tummy Diary' has three months' worth of undated daily diary pages with sections to journal not only your diet, stress, movement, sleep, menstrual cycle, vitamins and medication and more but also space to write down how your tummy and mind feel each day.

Packed with useful tools, tips and exercises in the resources section, My Tummy Diary has the power to help you pinpoint potential symptom triggers and to guide you towards any appropriate lifestyle adjustments whilst broadening your understanding of your own body. 

As well as three month's worth of daily diary pages, 'My Tummy Diary' also includes a juicy packed-out resources section, collated with the help of, and recognised by a number of top registered dietitians and health professionals. The resources are designed to help guide your journey towards a happy gut and happy mind.

Resources include:
- An introduction to the gut-brain axis
- The 'happy gut' and 'happy mind' assessment
- Mindfulness techniques
- Building a positive body image
- Bloat-friendly wardrobe ideas and outfit planner
- Meal planner and shopping lists
- Exercise/movement planner
- A note from Lottie
...and so much more!

- Measures 140 x 210 mm (A5 size)
- 240 pages (FSC certified paper)
- Faux leather cover with two colour options
- Approx. 600g
- Recyclable packaging

*Final copy may differ to that pictured and/or for future prints. Colour may vary from what is shown on screen. Price includes diary only, pen not included

This diary is not to act as a replacement for medical attention nor for medical advice and is to be used as a wellness journal, alongside a medical professional where appropriate



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Customer Reviews

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You've gut this diary

Super fast delivery and lovely diary so far, will buy again

Fantastic Journal

Absolutely love using this journal and tracking my tummy issues and how I’m feeling . Will definitely repurchase once this one is full. Would with out a doubt recommend to anyone that suffers with IBS etc .

Jill Singleton
Best journal ever!!

I love this journal!!! It’s not only great for keeping track of my gut health, but also great for keeping track of everything else! From all my meals to my everyday mood, it helps me keep track of the important things!!


I absolutely love this diary. I’ve always felt overwhelmed at the thought of keeping a food diary, but this has made it so manageable and there is space to track everything - including sleep, cycle and mood. I also find it really therapeutic to fill in and reflect on the day!

Kriti Singh

My Tummy Diary - Gut Health Diary