My Tummy Diary FAQs

What is 'My Tummy Diary'?

'My Tummy Diary' is a resource packed gut health and mental health diary designed to help you keep track and tune into your gut, body and mind. It's far more than just a food and symptom tracker. It encourages you to look at your lifestyle with a 360 holistic approach, tracking diet, stress, sleep, exercise and more. The three month diary section can help you pinpoint potential triggers of gut symptoms, and the packed-out resource section will give you more insight, tools to help you on your journey towards a happy gut and happy mind.

The diary is created with the help of, and accredited by registered dietitians and healthcare professionals however it should not be used in replacement of proper medical attention, to self-diagnose or to act as a form of advice. We recommend using it alongside a healthcare professional to help document your journey and provide positivity along the way. Please find the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

You can find out more about what it includes here.

Who is 'My Tummy Diary' for?

My Tummy Diary is for those looking to gain a better understanding of their body and mind and the impact that different lifestyle areas could be having on gut health. With a gut health focus, it is perfect for anyone struggling to pinpoint triggers of their symptoms or for those looking to get more in tune with the workings of their body and improve their gut health.

Is 'My Tummy Diary' only for those with IBS?

Absolutely not, as above it is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their gut health or get a better understanding of their body, with those who live with diagnosed IBS included. You can see more of what's included on the 'My Tummy Diary' product page to help you decide whether the diary is right for you.

Is My Tummy Diary only for women?

With hormones and menstrual cycles having a big impact on our body and the potential to affect our gut symptoms, the diary includes a menstrual cycle section in the daily tracking pages. Personal stories shared by Lottie come from her personal experience as a woman and although for these reasons it has been designed for women and those who menstruate mind, the diary can be used by anyone who would feel they would benefit. 

Do I need a medical diagnosis to use this diary?

You do not need a diagnosis to use this diary, but if you have an undiagnosed issue we highly advise that you work alongside your GP/specialist/registered clinician to gain diagnosis and get the most of this diary. The diary is recognised by top registered dietitians who have agreed this would be the perfect tool to help aid their client consultations.

Is the diary suitable for those with a history of eating disorders or disordered eating (DE/ED)?

Although the diary is designed to zoom out of focusing purely on diet and instead look at the bigger picture, due to the tracking pages still having an area for food this may not be suitable for those with a history of eating disorders or disordered eating. If you have been advised to track food by a clinician or feel that tracking food as just one element of your lifestyle factor would not trigger your ED/DE we recommend that you work alongside a registered clinician to help ensure you can do so safely. 

Is the diary written by a medical professional?

'My Tummy Diary' was created and written by Lottie Drynan, creator of The Tummy Diaries. Lottie is not a medical professional but has lived with IBS for most of her adult life and shares her personal experience in the diary along with training as a Health & Wellness Coach. All information and resources within 'My Tummy Diary' have been created with the help of, and approved by registered dietitians including Kaitlin Colucci, Erin Judge and therapist Emma Evans to ensure the diary is as accurate as possible. The information within 'My Tummy Diary' should not be used as a replacement of medical attention nor to self diagnose - see disclaimer at the bottom of this page for more details.

How long will shipping take?

We aim to send all orders within 2-3 working days. UK orders are shipped using the Royal Mail 48 hour service, meaning your order should take 2 working days to arrive once shipped. Orders to Ireland, Europe and the rest of the World are shipped using the Royal Mail tracked service and delivery date will depend on location and are subject to customs processing time. Please check Royal Mail website for more details and also note that overseas delivery may be longer right now due to the current situation with COVID19. Please click here for more details including COVID delays.

Do you ship internationally?

We now ship Worldwide, yay! Please note, if ordering outside of the UK, due to weight restrictions you will only be able to purchase one diary per order. All shipping is posted via Royal Mail with rates charged a little under what it costs me to ship, with the following prices per diary UK: £2.80, Ireland: £11, Europe: £11, Rest of the World: £12.50. Please click here for more details on international delivery.

Is the diary environmentally friendly?

The diary itself is made with FSC® certified paper and the cover is made from faux leather. The box it is delivered in along with the tissue paper packaging is recyclable and made from recycled materials. 

What is your returns policy?

We believe (and really hope!) you will absolutely love 'My Tummy Diary'. However, should you receive a damaged diary you can return the diary within 14 days of receipt. Please click here for more details on returns.

How can I get in touch? 

If you'd like to get in touch you can pop an email over at Please note it is just me (Lottie) on my own at the moment and I will do my best to try to reply as quickly as possible but thank you in advance for your kindness and patience.


While great care has been taken to ensure that information contained in this publication is accurate and correct at time of printing, should we have failed to avoid any mistakes or accuracy of the contents, we do not provide any warranties. We cannot accept any legal responsibilities or liability for any errors or consequential damages caused. This journal has been written with the help of registered dietitians and healthcare professionals however should not be used instead of proper medical advice and should not be used to self-diagnose. The diary is not a replacement of medical treatment and is simply intended to help document your health journey and provide positivity along the way. The information contained herein may not be suitable for every situation and should act as a template of inspiration only, whilst working alongside a doctor or qualified professional in the appropriate field. 


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