About 'My Tummy Diary'

One of the most confusing and isolating parts of having IBS or gut health issues is figuring out your personal “triggers”. There are currently no scientifically proven intolerance tests so the most effective way to figure this out is by the popular exercise of keeping a “food diary”. However, although diet plays a big part in gut-health, it is not the only element. Focusing solely on diet cannot only lead to further gut issues through unnecessarily cutting out much-needed nutrients along with the potential to encourage a negative and sometimes dangerous relationship with food, but it also bypasses other lifestyle areas that form a critical piece to your gut health and mental health puzzle.

Research by the top experts in the field of gut health have identified four key factors, or "pillars of gut health" being: diet, stress, exercise and sleep. Using this as the heart of the diary, 'My Tummy Diary' is designed to provide a 360 degree approach to your lifestyle to help you pinpoint any triggers across the board.

'My Tummy Diary' contains three months' worth of undated daily dairy pages with sections to document your diet, sleep, exercise, mood, cycle, vitamins and medication and more along with space to write down how your tummy and mind feel each day. 

On top of the daily diary, 'My Tummy Diary' also contain an entire resources section full of tangible strategies and tips to help move forward and improve your gut health and mental health.

The resources and information within them have been collated a with the help of, and been accredited by a number of registered, dietitians and health professionals to help guide your journey towards a happy gut and happy mind and include:

  • An introduction to the gut-brain axis
  • The 'happy gut' and 'happy mind' assessment'
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Creating a more positive body image
  • Bloat-friendly wardrobe ideas and outfit planner
  • Meal planner and shopping lists
  • Exercise planner
  • Lottie's personal story
  • ...and so much more!

'My Tummy Diary' been designed to a beautiful, high quality standard including persona quotes and illustrations to inspire and empower you throughout your journey. It can be used alongside the help of a medical or health professional to aid diagnosis, or on your own to help you take control of a diagnosed condition.

I really hope this diary will help you not only move closer to answers, but also act as a form of comfort, a safe space, and a place for you to look back and see how far you’ve come.


Lottie x